Our trekking tour options:

Trekking tour

Traditional day, trekking and barbecue

Full day | Low difficulty

A 2 hour hike to explore the immensity of the mountain. With great gaucho barbecue, appetizers and wine.

$150 USD

Trekking tour

Trekking adventure to Cerro Mailhos

Full day | Medium difficulty

Medium altitude trekking challenge. We ascend to 2,950 masl, the summit is a privileged viewpoint of the whole area.

$135 USD

Trekking tour

Country picnic for events

Customized duration | Low difficulty

Customized experience: we organize events for groups or companies looking forward to spending a unique day in the countryside

Customized price

Contorno Don Daniel

Don Daniel Ranch is a family-run mountain outpost located in the Valle del Sol area, within the town of Vallecitos, in the province of Mendoza. We offer horseback riding, trekking and regional food experiences to enjoy.


+54 9 261 341-8696


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Unnamed street at the end of Valle del Sol, M5549, Mendoza