Country picnic for events

Are you looking for a different celebration with your company? We organize an unforgettable country picnic for your corporate event.

  • Customized duration.

  • Low difficulty.

  • Horseback riding, trekking, or visit.


Price per person:


According to budget

This is an ideal option for corporate tourism in Mendoza: to celebrate with your company in a unique way.

You will visit a mountain post in the middle of the Andes, with panoramic views of the whole area.

We customize the experience according to your needs: you will be able to choose from different activities and regional meals. 

We offer adventure trekking, horseback riding, and homemade delicacies: Argentinean barbecue, appetizers homemade at the Post, fried dough and empanadas are some of the options.

What is the experience like?

You can have a great corporate event in Mendoza: a day to enjoy nature, the calm and tranquility of the mountains.

You will be able to do adventure activities, and taste the regional meals we prepare at the Post.

Towards the heart of the mountain

You will arrive through a picturesque route, up to a mountain post where the scenery and panoramic views are incredible.

Regional food

A good celebration includes a delicious meal: you can choose from options such as Argentine barbecue, appetizers (and more) with Mendoza wine to toast.

Adventure activities

If you want to add adventure to your day in the countryside, we can guide you on a trekking or horseback riding tour to reach the best natural spots.

Everything you need is there. Peace, harmony, kindness, dedication, and all the compliments for Daniel fall short. The horses are excellent and the landscapes unmatched. 100% recommended.”

Fernando Brigandi

At Don Daniel Ranch

We offer you

Professional Guide 

An expert in the area will take you to places full of natural beauty, far from mass tourism.

Family-run customer service

We are a family, and we enjoy sharing our customs with every visitor.

Unforgettable landscapes

Mountains that reach 4,000 and 6,000 m.a.s.l., where important water courses are born.

Tame horses

We raise the animals with love and dedication to ensure that the rides are a safe experience.

Homemade food

We prepare regional delicacies such as bread, salami, meat and fried dough.

Years of experience

We have been dedicated to tourism for 16 years, with the mission of sharing the mountain tradition.

Would you like to enjoy this experience?

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More information about

Country picnic for events

What does it include?
  • We prepare the services for your event in a personalized way: you can choose what to include, how long your visit will last, and the menu you like the most. Some of the options are Argentinean barbecue with wine from Mendoza, homemade appetizers (with bread, cheese and salami), empanadas and fried dough, and for adventure activities we offer horseback riding and trekking.
  • You must inform upon booking your event everything you wish to include for your group, as we prepare the logistics in advance.
What to bring
  • Sportswear: long pants, coat, windbreaker, hat, gloves and sneakers or boots.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Mineral water.
  • Mate kit, if you would like to have some.
How do I get to the Post?

You will have to arrive at the Post on your own, as the activity does not include transportation.. Here you will find the map with our exact location.

The trip will take approximately two hours from Mendoza City by private vehicle (public transportation does not reach the site).

Important: We recommend downloading the map from Google Maps, as in some parts of the road there is no phone signal. 

Directions: First you will have to head towards the town of Potrerillos, and from there take route 89 to ” Las Vegas” town. When you get there, you will continue along route 89 until del Sol Ave., and then you will head towards “Valle del Sol”. 

Once you enter Valle del Sol, you will have to continue until the end of the boulevard, and right where it ends, in a corner you will see the “El Lagarto” grocery store. 

When you see the store, turn right on the same street and continue until the end, where you will find a gate and a sign that reads “Puesto Las Lajas”: this is the entrance to our Post. You will have to open the gate (then leave it closed in the same way), and continue from there to Rancho Don Daniel. It is a 3.5 km. gravel road in good condition. Please bear in mind that you will not have any phone signal.

How do I choose and book my experience?
  • You should contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will be happy to help you plan your event and make your day at Don Daniel Ranch a unique experience.
  • To confirm your reservation you will have to pay a 25% deposit via bank transfer.
Do you offer a vegetarian/alternative menu?

Yes, we do. Just let us know when you book your experience, and we will prepare something special for you.

What is the local weather like?

It is a mountain climate, so it is more extreme than that of the city. 

In winter, be aware that there may be snow, and temperatures drop considerably, so it is important that you bring your full gear list, and plenty of warm clothes.

In summer, although temperatures are higher, we can always have a cold day. So it is important that you bring all the suggested clothing (except gloves and hat, in case you are not very cold).

About the place

Don Daniel Ranch is a mountain post in Mendoza, located in the Plata Mountain Range, in the Front Range. In these hills, surrounded by peaks that reach up to 6,000 m.a.s.l., there are beautiful water springs that bring life to the place.

From Mendoza you will arrive after a 2-hour drive, passing through picturesque towns such as Cacheuta and Potrerillos, to Las Lajas Post (in Las Vegas, Valle del Sol).

And there you will find our home: the place where we live, raise animals, and welcome every visitor to share our customs. We look forward to your visit.

What are you waiting for?

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And start preparing to enjoy your corporate event in Mendoza, at Don Daniel Ranch.

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Contorno Don Daniel

Don Daniel Ranch is a family-run mountain outpost located in the Valle del Sol area, within the town of Vallecitos, in the province of Mendoza. We offer horseback riding, trekking and regional food experiences to enjoy.



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